Rebel Queen – a thorn in the crown, 31 December, 2010: The film Rebel Queen tells the remarkable story of the last Sikh ruler of Lahore – a fearless Maharani who waged two wars against British rule in India. She is an inspiring figure for young Asian women today.

Rock against religious fascism, 22 April, 2010: How a smashed guitar brought an epiphany for a Pakistani student with rock ‘n’ roll dreams.

Facebook is new tool in transplant donor appeals, 15 December 2008: Facebook users are coming to the aid of children who need life-saving transplants.

My weekend with the Boss, 31 August 2005: People react oddly when I tell them I’m off to a Bruce Springsteen conference next month. First they look blank, then ask tentatively: “You mean concert, don’t you?

Scientists learn how to ‘grow blood’, 3 November 2004: Scientists are a step closer to understanding how to “grow” blood in a major breakthrough which could mean an end to using donors, it has emerged.

Charity Commission launches strategic review, 27 October, 2004: An umbrella body for voluntary organisations has welcomed the Charity Commission’s first in-depth survey of its role and functions saying greater transparency in how the regulator operates is needed.

Green and pleasant lands ‘no place to be black’, 27 October, 2004: Ethnic minority households living in rural areas can experience isolation, and may even suffer from racist language and violence as a result of white communities’ fear of the unknown and unfamiliar, according to a new report published today.

Call for ‘fairer green tax system, 27 October, 2004: Green taxes are hitting low-income families harder than other social groups, says a new report.

Documentary uncovers ‘worrying’ hospital hygiene, 25 October, 2004: An undercover television investigation, which produced evidence that some NHS hospitals have poor hygiene practices, is “very worrying” according to a consumer body for patients.

Childcare ‘fails to reach poor and disadvantaged’, 11 October, 2004: An independent thinktank claims the government’s childcare policies fail to meet the needs of disabled, ethnic minority and working-class white families.

When Irish eyes aren’t smiling, 11 February, 2004: Irish people are a virtually invisible minority within Britain’s mental health services, so their suffering tends to be neglected.

Home alone, 16 July, 2004: Contrary to popular belief, elderly Asian people can no longer rely on their relatives for care.